Switch Kit

Switching your accounts is easy!

Our Pain-Free Switch Kit makes transferring your bank accounts simple. Just follow these steps to close your old accounts and transfer your balances to your new accounts at West Texas National Bank.

Closing Your Old Accounts

  • Leave your old personal bank accounts open for at least 30 days, 60 days for business accounts, so any outstanding checks or direct deposits can clear.
  • Leave a small amount of money in your old account to cover any outstanding checks or automatic payments, and to cover any service or maintenance fees. If your old account has a minimum balance requirement, you may want to leave enough money in the account to cover that minimum to avoid additional fees.
  • Most banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions require your original signature to close your account. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO GO TO YOUR OLD BANK AND CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT(S) IN PERSON. Most banks have a correspondence center which will take your account closing request by mail. You can request a cashier's check or an official bank check.
  • Destroy your old bank checks and cut up ATM and/or debit cards. You want to make sure you don't write a check or make any charges against your old account.

Opening Your New Accounts

Find out which account is right for you from our Personal Banking or Business Banking.

  • If you have automatic debits, payments, or you pay your bills online, it's important for you to provide accurate, up-to-date account information for your service providers. We do not recommend you email your account information to your service providers or employers, but do call via telephone or fax, or mail your new bank account information to your service providers. For business accounts, you'll also want to contact your payroll service provider, merchant card services, or wire originators. You'll need to provide them with the name, account number, location, and routing number of your new account(s).
  • Arrange for direct deposits to be sent to your new West Texas National Bank account. Just call, or complete a simple form to let your employer know that your direct deposits (such as your paycheck) should be routed to your West Texas National Bank account. It usually takes one full pay period for direct deposit changes to go into effect, so please verify your information to ensure that your first deposit is made correctly.

Service Provider Listing

Use the contact information below to set up (or transfer) your automatic payments. We've included contact information for local utilities, newspapers, phone companies, and television providers.

You may need the following information to enroll or change your automatic payments:

  1. Your customer number at these service providers
  2. Your new bank information:
    West Texas National Bank
    6 Desta Dr Ste 2400
    Midland, TX 79705
  3. Your new West Texas National Bank checking account number
  4. West Texas National Bank's Routing Number: 112304678
  5. A voided check from your new West Texas National Bank Account
Company Locations Phone Number
Alpine Avalanche Alpine Locations (432) 837-3334
Midland Reporter Telegram Midland Locations (432) 687-8880
Denver City Press Denver City Locations (806) 659-2211
Pecos Enterprise Pecos Locations (432) 445-5475
Seminole Sentinel Seminole Locations (432) 758-3667
Winkler County News Kermit Locations (432) 586-2561
For more information on electricity vendors, please go to www.electricitytexas.com
Company Locations Phone Number
Canyon Lake Electric Crane Locations (830) 899-7000
First Choice Power Pecos Locations (432) 445-4501
Key Energy Services All Locations (432) 758-5856
Rio Grande Electric Co. Alpine Locations (432) 837-0941
Texas New Mexico Power Kermit Locations (432) 586-9028
Reliant Energy Midland Locations (866) 222-7100
W Power Midland Locations (432) 684-9900
Simple Power Midland Locations (888) 897-4675
TXU Energy Midland Locations (877) 290-3722
Excel Energy Midland Locations (800) 895-4999
Company Locations Phone Number
Atmos Energy All Locations (888) 363-7427
Southern Union Gas Services Kermit Locations (432) 586-5134
Southwest Texas Municipal Gas Alpine & Terlingua Locations (432) 837-3437
Texas Gas Services Pecos Locations (432) 445-4993
Texas Gas Services Crane Locations (432) 558-3552
City of Denver City Denver City Locations (806) 592-5426
West Texas Gas All Locations (432) 758-5824
Company Locations Phone Number
AT&T All Locations (800) 286-8313
Sprint All Locations (888) 211-4727
Big Bend Telephone Alpine Locations (800) 592-4781
Verizon Wireless All Locations (800) 922-0204
T-Mobile Midland Locations (800) 866-2453
Alltel All Locations (800) 255-8351
Adapt All Locations (773) 634-2100
Company Locations Phone Number
Alpine City Water Department All Locations (800) 286-8313
City of Midland Midland Locations (432) 685-7270
Crane Water Department Crane Locations (432) 558-3563
City of Denver City Denver City Locations (806) 592-5426
Kermit City Water Department Kermit Locations (432) 586-3468
Seminole Water Department Seminole Locations (432) 758-3621
Study Butte Water Supply Company Terlingua Locations (432) 371-2933
Company Locations Phone Number
Suddenlink Most Locations (877) 694-9474
Grande Communications Most Locations (432) 262-4600
Dish Network All Locations (877) 203-9036
US Cable Services All Locations (800) 996-8788
Direct TV All Locations (800) 531-5000

Is your vendor not listed? Do you have a suggested service provider or company you'd like to see on this list? Contact us and let us know.