Personal Checking

Our checking accounts are designed to meet your needs for personal checking, student and household accounts. Our personal checking options allow for easy management of multiple accounts from anywhere using our convenient locations in West Texas, ATMs throughout the nation, as well as laptops, smartphones and tablets. They range from our convenient Gratis Checking Account to our Resource Club Checking. West Texas National Bank has the personal checking resources for you.

Personal Checking Options

Ultimate Checking

West Texas National Bank is able to provide many outstanding free services for our customers, including our free Ultimate Checking. Ultimate Checking is a free personal checking account featuring three tiers of interest earnings plus free ATM's Nationwide!
Ultimate Checking Details

Resource Club Checking

Resource Club Checking is a convenient personal checking account for members on the go. We call it the Resource Club Checking because, as a member, you get all of the resources and services of the Club, as you need them, at no extra charge.
Resource Club Checking Details

Image Checking Plus

Now you earn money on your checking account balance. This interest-earning checking account is the smartest way to compound your money every month!
Image Checking Plus Details

Image Checking Unlimited

Our most popular personal checking account offers free access to our Online Bill Pay platform for those who want the freedom of banking from home. Access and manage your accounts with the peace of mind knowing your information is securely protected from fraudulent access.
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Gratis Checking

Gratis checking is an absolutely free checking account that includes online banking and no maintenance fee or minimum balance.
Gratis Checking Details

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