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Purchasing the home of your dreams can be as confusing as it is exciting. Whether you're buying a house for the first time, refinancing your mortgage, or moving to a larger home, West Texas National Bank will be with you every step of the way to make the home loan process as easy to understand as possible. Providing sound mortgage services is a West Texas National Bank specialty. You can expect personal service from the day you apply for your mortgage loan to the moment you walk in to your new home. Our mortgage loan specialists will ensure you understand all mortgage loan terms before you sign and provide expert advice throughout.

STEP 1: Call A WTNB Loan Representative
A WTNB loan representative will meet with you to explain the process in detail, and will answer all your questions.

STEP 2: Pre-Qualify For Your WTNB Loan
The most important step in purchasing a home is determining how much you can comfortably afford to spend on the monthly mortgage payment. This depends on your employment status, current debt, family size and other factors. WTNB will quickly evaluate your financial situation so you can begin shopping for your dream home!

STEP 3: Apply For Your Loan
Your WTNB loan representative will help you complete your application and apply for the right type of loan by explaining all your options, such as a fixed-rate versus an adjustable-rate mortgage, as well as special loan programs such as VA, FHA, and THDA. Once your loan application is complete, your WTNB loan representative usually can provide your loan approval status within 24 hours.

STEP 4: Consider All The Costs
Once you've located your dream home, we'll explain all the expenses beyond your monthly mortgage, such as property taxes, insurance, and utilities. For estimates of these expenses, ask the present owners or your real estate agent, your local tax assessor's office and your insurance agent.

STEP 5: The Loan Closing
This is the day you've been dreaming of - and the one WTNB has made a reality. It's the date when you take legal ownership of your new home! All details will be finalized, checks will be exchanged, paperwork completed, fees paid, and you'll receive the deed to your property. Congratulations on financing your new dream home with WTNB!


  • Income/Expenses - Accurate list of monthly/annual household income and expenses
  • Bank Accounts - Savings, checking and CD account balances
  • Loans - Balances due to banks, finance companies and others
  • Credit Cards - List of all balances and copies of most current statement(s)
  • Equity In Your Home - If you own your residence, equity is the difference between what your house is worth and what you owe. Copies of the most recent property tax assessment and monthly mortgage statement would be helpful.
  • Tax Returns - Most recent Federal Income Tax return

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