Jumbo Certificates of Deposit

Jumbo Certificates of Deposit Details

A Jumbo Certificate of Deposit is a low-risk FDIC-insured investment option that pays slightly higher interest rates than savings accounts. Jumbo Certificates of Deposit provide a secure option for personal investing that are perfect for those who want to earn stable returns and secure funds in a save investment for future use. Contact a West Texas National Bank representative for more information about secure, reliable Jumbo Certificates of Deposit.


  • The security of FDIC insurance
  • Stable, dependable returns on your account
  • Generally the more you save, the higher the interest rate
  • Access to your account information through Online Banking
  • Automatic renewal on most CDs

Current rate information call (877) 493-7862


  • A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal
  • Rates subject to change without notice
  • APY = Annual Percentage Yield
Jumbo Certificates of Deposit
$100,000.00 minimum balance - Quarterly Compound
Rates current as of 11-25-2015
Term Annual Percentage Yield
5 Year 1.61%
4 Year 1.16%
3 year 1.00%
2 Year 0.75%
1-1/2 Year 0.65%
1 Year 0.45%
180 To 364 Days 0.25%
90 To 179 Days 0.10%
30 To 89 Days 0.10%

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