The Kinds of Information We Collect
If you apply for a loan or a new account, we ask you to provide information about your financial status, such as employment, income, monthly expenses and assets, as well as identifying information such as your address, telephone number, and Social Security number. In most cases, you give us this information yourself, in person, by mail, or through a web site. If we need to know about your credit and repayment history, we also obtain information from consumer reporting agencies and other creditors.

Once You Become A Customer
We maintain information about your transactions including account balances, securities holdings, and repayment history.

How We Use This Information
The information we collect is used to help us deliver the services you've requested, easily and efficiently. It may also permit us to design and offer specific products and services that we believe will be useful to you and other customers.

Last updated: 08-14-2014