About West Texas National Bank

Serving West Texas Since 1904

West Texas National Bank has assembled technically competent and financially sophisticated bankers capable of meeting the various financial needs of the Permian Basin’s energy sector. With our team of bankers, our strong capital base, and our robust financial syndication relationships with many of the largest regional and national energy banks, WTNB can handle the sizable scale of financing needs of the Permian Basin’s independent energy companies.

Understanding that the energy sector is also served through growing its commercial and industrial opportunities, West Texas National Bank has built a team of commercial lenders who understand how to help your business grow. WTNB makes decisions about your local needs based on local knowledge and experience.

West Texas National Bank is also proud of our seasoned mortgage lenders, our abundant agricultural team, and our varied and complex suite of treasury management services, each designed to help keep our communities thrive. We’ve tailored personal and business products to help you have the most efficient and beneficial banking experience in all of West Texas.

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