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Mobile Banking Update

We are upgrading our Security for our Mobile banking application, Mobiliti.

If issues are encountered, Mobiliti users should upgrade their OS version to compatible versions as noted below:

  • Users with devices on Android KitKat (Level 20) and above will be able to connect to Mobiliti
  • Users with devices on iOS 8 and above will be able to connect to Mobiliti

Business Online Upgrade

On January 12,2017, our software provider is upgrading our Online Banking System. The supported browsers will be Apple Safari 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft 11. ** If you are currently using Microsoft 9 or Microsoft 10 you may need to upgrade to one of the browsers listed above in order to access the Online Banking System. This applies to both Retail and Business Online Banking**

Debit Card Monitoring

WTNB is committed to protecting your money from debit card fraud. One of the ways we safeguard your money is by monitoring debit card activity outside of our geographical region. When we suspect fraudulent activity, we may suspend debit card usage in a particular area. Learn more about Debit Card Monitoring.

Debit Card Transactions in Foreign Countries

We are seeing a trend in fraudulent activity coming from overseas merchants and have placed an Authorization Block on these overseas transactions.

This authorization block will decline any transaction being processed in a foreign country unless the card is placed on an exception list. Please contact WTNB Customer Care at 877‐493‐7862.

Mobile Deposit

We are now offering Mobile Deposit.
1. Customers open their WTNB App and select Deposits.
2. Select their account and enter a deposit amount.
3. Take photos of their endorsed check. The endorsement must include "For Mobile Deposit Only, the customer name and the date".
4. Click on Submit and receive a confirmation.
5. Their deposit will be credited to their account the same business day if deposited before 5 pm CST.