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Business Online Upgrade

On May 4th, we upgraded Business Online. The new version of Business Online will not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0. Certified browsers are: Apple Safari 6.0, Apple Safari 7.0, Apple Safari 8.0, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, and Mozilla Firefox.

Windows OS 10

Attention Online Banking Customers: At this time, West Texas National Bank does not recommend that our customers upgrade their Windows Operating System to Windows OS 10. We will update this post once we are certain all systems will work with Windows OS 10.

Mobile Deposit

We are now offering Mobile Deposit.
1. Customers open their WTNB App and select Deposits.
2. Select their account and enter a deposit amount.
3. Take photos of their endorsed check. The endorsement must include "For Mobile Deposit Only, the customer name and the date".
4. Click on Submit and receive a confirmation.
5. Their deposit will be credited to their account the same business day if deposited before 5 pm CST.

Signed Debit Card Transactions

To better protect you against fraudulent use of your WTNB Debit Card, signed transactions at the following merchant types: Grocery/Supermarket, Pharmacy, Home Supply Warehouse and Variety Stores in the state of Colorado are limited to $49 per transaction. If your purchase at these locations is greater than this limit, you can complete your purchase using your PIN. If you do not remember your PIN, please call WTNB Customer Care at 877-493-7862 for assistance.

Debit Card Monitoring

WTNB is committed to protecting your money from debit card fraud. One of the ways we safeguard your money is by monitoring debit card activity outside of our geographical region. When we suspect fraudulent activity, we may suspend debit card usage in a particular area. Learn more about Debit Card Monitoring.

Debit Card Transactions in Foreign Countries

The security and protection of your accounts is our top priority. In order to safeguard your accounts against potential fraud we began blocking signature based debit card transactions as of March 6, 2014 from all foreign countries. This means you will need to use your PIN in conjunction with a debit card transaction in a foreign country. In the event that you are planning a trip outside of the United States, and prefer to sign for your debit card transactions, we will unblock your account. Contact WTNB Customer Care at 877-493-7862.